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Wasp headphones

The wasp has every bell and whistle offered by Killer Bís. It has dual 41 position volume controls, high output 150 ohms speaker elements, external strain relief, larger diameter, soft to the touch control knobs, locking color coded toggles, a switch-able limiter circuit, lightweight and comfortable cups, switchable mode switch making it compatible with most detectors and a high quality coiled cord with a ľĒ angled jack. The ''Wasp'' by Killer Bís come in Black and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.



Killer B Wasp Headphones


Killer B wasp side headphone







Suggested List  $139.95


$129.00 shipped








Killer B Hornet


The "Hornet" is a tank style headphone. They consist of a heavier style ear cups with the external strain relief. The heavier cup is great for that person that needs just a little bit more ear clearance. The "Hornet" by Killer Bís now come standard with 41 position dual volume controls, soft to the touch control knobs, a color coded push button mode switch that will make them compatible with almost any detector, a color coded push button limiter circuit. Why push buttons, well they are less likely to be knocked out of position when hunting those brushy areas. A 1/4" angled plug on the end of one of the industries most durable coiled cords that is a full nine feet long. Inside the phones are two "Extra heavy duty" 150 ohm speaker elements that are sensitive enough even to pick up the faintest of signals. The "Hornet" by Killer B"s fit snugly on your head so as not to slip around, but still remain comfortable for all day hunting. The "Hornet" comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

                           Killer B Hornet Full Headphone                    Killer B Hornet Side view

Suggested list  $139.95

NWI PRICE  $129.00 shipped









Killer BKiller B 2

Killer B's II have all of the same features as the Standard Killer B's and also feature Dual, Independent volume controls for those who may have a difference in hearing on either the right or left side, or for those who may just want to vary the audio on either the left or right ear independently. Killer Bís II come in your choice of Green or Black and also are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

                                      Killer B 2 headphones           Killer B 2 side view


List Price  $129.95

NWI PRICE  $115.00 shipped










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